A place to unwind and press the re-set button.


The Vitality Retreat was set up in 2005 because Founder Kirstie could not find a retreat out there that ticked all the boxes to recommend to her clients and industry colleagues. Kirstie has worked in the beauty and wellbeing industry for 25 years. She Co-Founded 'Balance Me' skincare launching in TopShop, Oxford Circus and went on to create 'ebo' an all natural and eco body and wellbeing range. She is currently Director of Training for the cult brand 'Legology' and work as a consultant for various beauty and wellbeing brands.

Kirstie is based in SW France and has built up a unique infrastructure of the very best outsourced elements for retreat, from the best coastal walks, the most delicious restaurant addresses, the finest local produce and of course, the top instructors and therapists......

What The Vitality Treat offers you is the full package: 

Great venue - luxurious, private and secluded, yet near the beach with a quick transfer from the airport. Who wants to waste time with a long airport transfer on a 4 day break? We also don't do dorms! We offer single occupancy or twin bedrooms.

Value for money - This is not the cheapest retreat - we are not a bootcamp and we don't pack in guests in shared rooms to maximise profit. Our returning clients assure us that our all-inclusive package represents good value. Remember we include 2 full treatments too.
Single Occupancy £845 Shared Twin £1,045 per person.

Small groups - A maximum of 14 guests to ensure you don't feel 'herded around' and receive individual attention in all areas.

Amazing treatments - so often treatments are just 'good'. Maybe the therapists are over- worked or under-paid. Kirstie has been treating stressed out clients (Hollywood A listers, professional athletes, stressed out mums and busy professionals) for over 20 years. Our treatment slots definitely DO NOT 'include dressing and undressing time'!!! - you get the full hour and a complete treatment. 

(At least one of your treatments will be with Kirstie. All of our additional therapists also bring years of experience and that 'special something' that makes a standout treatment!) 

Visible Results - our guests see immediate results - in energy levels, sleep patterns,posture, reduced tension, increased flexibility, improved digestion, loss of bloating, brighter skin, clearer eyes, lifted mood and strengthened resolve to continue good habits and keep 'adding goodness in' to their lives once they leave retreat. 



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So many of us live busy lives, juggling roles - pushing and pulling ourselves in every direction to meet expectations, give our best and not let people down. At the same time, so many of us also feel guilty for taking time to ourselves BUT we are 'only human'! Our minds and our will are often so strongly driven to just 'keep going' that it often takes a downturn in health (physical or mental) to force us to stop.

Detox Take a Breather Find the Balance Exhale Re-charge Re-connect Breathe

We want to send you home from Vitality with  'Health credit' ...topped up with wellbeing, so that when challenging times or heavy work periods come along you have the resources to face them.


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